After 10 years of recipe development and menu planning in our magazine test kitchen, there was one big thing missing in my life.

For me, the best stories are always told around a dinner table filled with delicious food and shared with the people I love. That was my ideal, but it didn’t always work out that way. And I imagine most women can relate.

Many years ago, I founded a cookbook style magazine called ANNA Magazine (named after my mom). While most people thought my family must be living a culinary dream, our actual dinner time was often frustrating and stressed. I would walk into my own kitchen at the end of the day, tired and hungry, without a plan, without food in my fridge. We would order in or eat out, wander the grocery store aisles looking for last-minute ideas. We wasted precious time and money, and what was in our fridge spoiled before it was used.

But all that changed when I committed to a plan. I committed to wasting less food, saving more money and being organized enough to cook delicious food at home five nights a week.

And now you can too! At ANNA we created a simple tool called DinnerPlan. It drops into your inbox every Friday, complete with a weekly dinner menu, delicious recipes, and a shopping list with exact quantities.

DinnerPlan is designed to keep you organized and mindful, with money in your pocket, and serve your family a delicious dinner 5 nights a week.

— Mari Loewen, founder