General Pantry Essentials

We will continually update these items if we feel they should be stocked in your pantry. A few things to note, having a nice sea salt for everyday takes everything to another level. Do not buy pre-mixed sauces or salad dressings, our Dressings and Vinaigrettes guide will teach you how to make delicious homemade in seconds. Knorr gel packs are our best recommendation for stock, which we will use in many of our recipes, available in beef, chicken and vegetable and they are gluten free (1 gel pack with 3 cups water, for 3 cups stock). White truffle oil is a good investment and incredible in mashed potatoes, as an aioli mixed with mayo for fries or seared scallops. And mixed with honey poured over fried chicken is amazing!

Italian Pantry Essentials

As you already may know, we love San Marzano imported whole tomatoes in a can, and use them for everything for soups, to sauces to pizza sauce. Do not buy pre-made tomato sauce, ever. We will teach you how to make tomato sauce with ease as you cook through our Dinner Plans. We also love Italian canned tuna, it is simply divine with baby tomatoes and arugula on a baguette. Sometimes, harder to find in grocery stores. We definitely recommend finding your favourite Italian specialty market and stocking up, we will refer to these ingredients over and over again. Or if you wish, they can also be ordered here online through Amazon. We have linked all products to make it easy for you. When it comes to extra-virgin olive oil, for day to day cooking you can definitely find a less expensive one in most grocery stores, but you should always have a good imported one in your pantry for dressings and drizzles.

Asian Pantry Essentials

Asian ingredients have become much more mainstream, and available in most grocery stores. But please don’t buy pre-mixed sauces or dressings that state they are Asian, Thai, etc. Please, please always go to the source, this means always get authentic ingredients or don’t use them at all. Here is a good line up of Asian must-have stocked ingredients. Like the Italian specialty market suggestion, take the time on a Saturday to go to your local Asian village, Chinatown or area where you can find authentic Asian ingredients. Make it a learning adventure everyone will enjoy!

Note: Tamari soy sauce is a premium gluten free soy sauce, we always recommend using this type. And kewpie mayo, just try dipping homemade fries into it! And the Sriracha and chili paste are incredible mixed with mayo (kewpie or regular) for a perfect chili aioli for sweet potato fries, seared scallops, breaded shrimp, etc.